Ep. 7 • Faithfulness

Granny B entrusted Grit with the responsibility of looking after a tray of delectable cakes, his absolute favorites. She made it explicitly clear that he mustn’t lay a finger on them and that Gracie and the rest of the gang would be joining later. The irresistible aroma of the freshly baked cakes wafted its way to the Roaches, tempting them into devising cunning plans to pilfer the goodies. A series of comedic scams and sneaky grabs ensued, as Grit found himself doing everything he could to thwart their attempts while battling his own overwhelming temptation to sneak a cake or two for himself.

In a nail-biting struggle, Grit teetered on the edge of surrendering to the sweet temptation but managed to resist at the last possible moment. Just when it seemed like the battle against the cakes was reaching its breaking point, the band arrived, bearing presents and snacks for their eagerly anticipated games night. As it turned out, Granny B had prepared the cakes specifically for Grit, as a token of appreciation for his assistance with the cleaning. They were a special treat reserved exclusively for him.

With the band’s arrival, the stage was set for a joyous gathering. The roaches, defeated and grumbling, kicked objects down the road in frustration, realizing that their scheming had come to naught. Meanwhile, Grit’s self-restraint and unwavering dedication to Granny B’s instructions paid off, as he discovered that his patience and obedience had earned him not only the satisfaction of doing the right thing but also a delightful surprise from his beloved Granny and the warmth of his friends’ company.