Ep. 6 • Goodness

Following a severe storm that wreaked havoc on their valley, the crew rallied together to assist with the general cleanup. However, unbeknownst to them, the Roaches’ humble abode had also been torn apart by the powerful winds. Initially, it seemed as though the Roaches were merely getting in the way, hindering the crew’s efforts. But as tensions escalated, it became evident that the Roaches were attempting to salvage what they could to fix up their own dwelling.

A confrontation ensued between the band and the Roaches, with Chick’s pride hindering their ability to admit that they, too, required assistance. However, in a twist of fate, Chick injured their leg during the exchange, causing them to reluctantly concede that help was indeed needed. With this admission, the entre group joined forces, throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the task of repairing the Roaches’ home. Though Chick was initially begrudging in expressing their gratitude, they couldn’t help but appreciate the collective effort being put forth.

As the crew diligently worked, restoring the Roaches’ dwelling to its former state, Chick’s mindset began to shift. Among the discarded items, Chick stumbled upon something they had previously dismissed as tacky but now saw the potential for beauty in it. Secretly, they decided to keep it as a reminder of their changing perspective and newfound appreciation for the Roaches and their humble abode.

In the end, as the renovated Roaches’ home stood proudly once again, Chick couldn’t help but begrudgingly acknowledge the significance of the group’s collective effort. While maintaining their gruff demeanor, a glimmer of gratitude and respect shone through Chick’s actions, as they found themselves embracing the lessons of humility and finding beauty in unexpected places.