Ep. 2 • Joy

Despite the rain and the cancellation of band practice, Clara had made a promise to meet Grit at the Lightning tree, knowing that he would be waiting there. Reluctantly, she ventured out into the wet weather, despising the rain and longing for the warmth of the sun. As she arrived at the designated spot, she was completely drenched and utterly fed up, only to discover Grit acting like a carefree child at a splash park. This sight didn’t bring her any joy, especially when the mischievous roaches decided to play a prank and throw mud at her. Her spirits plummeted even further. However, Grit’s antics in the wet and muddy clearing took an unexpected turn. He showed Clara how much fun it could be to embrace the moment and indulge in some playful splashing, seeking revenge on the roaches in the process. Through his actions, he demonstrated that even in the smallest of things, we can find joy if we adjust our perspective and attitude. Clara began to realize that it wasn’t just about the rain ruining her day; it was about how she chose to perceive and respond to it.