Ep. 5 • Kindness

Wilbur sat alone, engulfed in misery, his spirits low and his demeanor gloomy. Meanwhile, there were cutaways revealing Chick’s and his own mischievous endeavors, as they schemed various ways to sabotage the band’s practice. Each plan was more absurd and elaborate than the last, resulting in spectacularly hilarious failures, all while the band remained blissfully oblivious (although they might have caught a glimpse of the chaos). With each failed attempt, Chick took out their frustrations on poor Wilbur, exacerbating his already downcast state. As a result, Wilbur withdrew further, becoming a somber figure lost in his own sadness.

Chick, realizing Wilbur’s absence, embarked on a search for their despondent companion. Discovering Wilbur and witnessing the depths of their sorrow, guilt washed over Chick. Determined to lift Wilbur’s spirits, Chick made valiant attempts to cheer them up. Finally, in a burst of inspiration, Chick had a eureka moment and dashed off, only to return with a box of donuts! The sight of the delicious treats managed to coax a faint smile from Wilbur, which gradually blossomed into a wide grin as he indulged in the sugary delights. Annoyingly happy, Wilbur happily devoured the donuts, his countenance shifting from melancholy to contentment.

However, true to his gruff and brooding nature, Wilbur quickly reverted to his usual demeanor once his attention shifted away. Unbeknownst to him, though, Chick couldn’t help but crack a small smile when Wilbur wasn’t looking, hinting at a glimmer of a kindhearted side hidden beneath their mischievous exterior. Perhaps there was a heart in Chick after all, a subtle reminder that even the most impish characters can harbor genuine care and concern for their friends.