Ep. 1 • Love – (Agape)

The story begins with the band, who were out running errands for Grannie B to earn their pocket money. They had been saving up to buy a new guitar for Grit. While they were at the store, the mischievous Roaches kept causing trouble and creating chaos in the aisles.

Finally, when the crew finished their shopping and approached the checkout, they noticed that the Roaches were having difficulties. Their card was declined, and their wallet was empty. This news upset Wilbur greatly because he was hungry. Chick, on the other hand, was feeling agitated. However, just as the situation seemed bleak, the sound of a cheerful “Ding” resonated from the till, indicating that Grit had paid for their bill.

The Roaches were left dumbfounded by this unexpected act of kindness. Although it meant that the band would need to save up a little longer for the new guitar, they knew deep down that it was the right thing to do.