Ep. 4 • Patience

Winston, a bundle of relentless energy, always finds himself entangled in one predicament after another. Slightly mischievous and definitely the class clown, he possesses very little patience. On this particular occasion, the crew had ordered pizza for their highly anticipated board game night, and Winston’s hunger was gnawing at him. Buzzing around like an overexcited whirlwind, he became completely distracted, emitting an incessant “Are we there yet?” vibe reminiscent of young children on a long car journey. As time crawled by, his restlessness began to grate on everyone’s nerves.

Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived the pizza was at their doorstep. Without a moment’s hesitation, Winston snatched the boxes and eagerly tore one open, greedily cramming a scalding-hot, steamy slice into his mouth. Alas, the impatience proved to be his downfall as he burned his tongue, rendering him unable to savor any more of the piping hot pizza. His eagerness had backfired, leaving him unable to enjoy the anticipated feast.

In the end, as a consolation, Winston was offered a soothing bowl of ice cream. This incident served as a valuable lesson for him, a reminder of the consequences that impatience and rash actions can bring. While he missed out on the delectable pizza, the experience left an indelible impression, teaching him the importance of exercising restraint and embracing a more measured approach in his endeavors.