Ep. 9 • Self-Control

During a snack break from their intense practice session, the band decided to venture out for a meal, leaving their instruments unattended. Seizing the opportunity, the mischievous roaches leaped onto the instruments, attempting to unleash their inner rock ‘n’ roll stars. However, their lack of musical talent resulted in a cacophony of discordant sounds that grated on the ears. In their wild antics, the roaches inadvertently caused significant damage to the instruments, particularly the drums.

Upon their return, the band was devastated to find the aftermath of the roaches’ disastrous performance. Clara, in particular, was livid and filled with anger. She stomped around, ready to unleash her wrath upon the roaches, when she noticed Wilbur and Chick hiding in the bushes. Clara’s fury was about to reach its peak when Wilbur, sheepish but trying to make amends, stepped forward with a roll of tape and a tube of glue. Although it was clear that these supplies were insufficient to fix the damage, the fact that Wilbur was making an effort touched Clara.

The band gathered around Clara, who took a deep breath and sighed, accepting the tape and glue from Wilbur. With determination in their eyes, they plodded off-screen towards Clara’s drums, ready to salvage what they could. As Wilbur watched on, and Chick slid off to join the others, the band came together to mend their cherished instruments. Despite the setback, their camaraderie and determination to fix what had been broken proved that their love for music and each other transcended any obstacle.

In the end, the band’s resilience and unity prevailed. Through their joint efforts, they aimed to restore their instruments to their former glory, their shared passion for music propelling them forward. While the road to recovery may not be easy, the band’s unwavering dedication and the support they offered one another would undoubtedly lead to a triumphant comeback.