Join Abby and Regan in Supporting Gracie B and the Honeycombs!

Join Abby and Regan in Supporting Gracie B and the Honeycombs!

Your Generous Gift Will Help Reach Children Around the World!

Donations of $100 or more will receive a special gift bag from The Real Deal of Parenting. After you give, email a copy of your donation receipt from Inspiration Ministries to

Today, it is vital that our children develop a relationship with the Lord and are taught Christian principles. This is what’s really on the line right now.

Here’s the problem. So much of the media made for kids today is driving them away from God. We urgently need shows like Gracie B and the Honeycombs to reinforce biblical truths!

Gracie B and the Honeycombs was designed to bring Christian principles like love, joy, and peace to kids in a fun and engaging way. But we need your help.

We make it our mission to continually combat the radical agenda purposely being promoted to God’s innocent children. The first step is exposing the evil, the second is to ensure we have the good to replace it.

-Abby Johnson and Regan Long of The Real Deal of Parenting 

Your donation support of any amount will help us create faith-filled, educational content for our children, like the “Get Happy” song on this page. Each episode and sing-along song aligns with God’s truths, like the fruit of the spirit. Your kids and grandkids will want to watch them over and over again.

The first nine episodes are funded and will be ready soon. Your donation in support of our crowdfunding effort will help us bring the next nine episodes to life. Scroll down this page to see how we’re standing in biblical values for kids.

About Gracie B and the Honeycombs

Gracie B and her Honeycomb crew are on a mission to discover all the wonders in the garden. With their insatiable curiosity and love of adventure, they explore every nook and cranny, uncovering secrets and learning valuable lessons along the way. But it’s not all sunshine and daisies. The pesky cockroaches, Chick and Wilbur, are always lurking about, looking for ways to spoil the Honeycombs’ fun. Despite their best efforts to be kind to the dastardly duo, Chick and Wilbur are seemingly incorrigible.

The Honeycombs channel their creativity and love for music into crafting catchy tunes that glorify God, good behavior, and great manners. They perform these songs at the end of each episode. Through their adventures, the Honeycombs teach valuable lessons about God, the Bible, colors, sounds, letters, math, and respect.

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Creating wholesome, godly content to expose our children to, to fill their minds with God’s truth and to help lead them and keep them on the path Jesus has laid out for us is vital … in today’s fallen world. We will continue to fight for and alongside those who have this same mission, just as Inspiration Ministries is aiming to do.

-Abby Johnson and Regan Long of The Real Deal of Parenting 

First 10 Episodes

June 19, 2024: Exclusive First Look for Donor Level $100 & above

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