Vanelle Hogan

Meet Vanelle, an award-winning Actor, Writer, Producer, and Director with a passion for storytelling. Currently working as a Producer for Inspiration Ministries, her journey in the film and TV industry spans over two decades. Beyond the glitz and glamour, as a mother of four, Vanelle has always found her greatest inspiration in children. Their boundless energy and curiosity drive her to bring the message of Christ’s love to children worldwide. In 2016, her doodles of a lovable bee named Gracie sparked a creative journey. Through Gracie Bee, Vanelle has joyfully helped kids memorize scripture, shared timeless Bible tales, and even led them in heartfelt prayers. While Vanelle has been the voice of Gracie Bee for the past 7 years she happily passes the torch to the new Gracie B, all the while excited to see God’s love continue to touch young hearts everywhere. Vanelle is a Producer at Inspiration Ministries and is the creator of the original concept of Gracie Bee and the Garden.